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for real-time purity monitoring for governments, municipalities and businesses

The issue? Our world is facing unnecessary crises - ones we can solve now.

Water, fresh clean water, is the most important commodity in the US and the world. But currently, no one has a solution that allows for real-time monitoring that is contiguous and with highly accurate data.

Clean water is essential for families around the world. Everyone should be able to drink water free from dissolved lead, arsenic, mercury, or other dangerous heavy metals.  

Furthermore, industries around the world consume billions of gallons of water to operate their factories. Every day they struggle to monitor the quantity of toxic metals in process inflow and outflow streams.

The opportunity?

There are billions of dollars in opportunities around the world from governments, municipalities and businesses.

Some Examples

More than 2 billion people live in countries experiencing high water stress. The situation will likely worsen as populations, and the demand for water grows, and as the effects of climate change intensify.

Naturally occurring arsenic pollution in groundwater now affects nearly 140 million people in 70 countries on all continents. 

Semiconductor factories make about 2 million integrated circuits per month and gulp about 20 million gallons of water.

Agriculture water use is too high and growing steadily. Agriculture consumes 70% of the world’s freshwater resources each year.

Aging infrastructure will worsen. The world today needs $7.7 trillion per year over the next 15 years.

Industry water use and wastewater production are rising. Industrial businesses dump an estimated 300-400 megatons of polluted water every year.

How do we solve for these opportunities?

RealTimePurity has developed the only solution that addresses the needs for improved detection and monitoring to ensure water, or any liquid is meeting the necessary threshold for purity in real-time.

We provide comprehensive consulting and support through the entire life of the product. We ensure the right solution for each customer’s needs.

Simple, clear, effective, and reliable – that is RealTimePurity.

We are the only solution that offers:

  • Accurate monitoring of fluids in real-time
  • Nominal unit size for easier onsite installation
  • Hands-off, automated monitoring of data
  • Substantial cost savings to the competition 

The result? Live information and alerts that mitigate costs, reduce risks, and potentially save lives.

No matter what your needs we can create custom solutions to get you RealTime Purity.

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