Q: What dissolved metals can REX analyze?

A: From Magnesium to Uranium

Q: To what levels will REX detect?

A: From high parts per thousand to low parts per billion

Q: How many metals can REX detect at the same time?

A: Up to 12 metals at once, depending on the x-ray source and filter installed in the system, specifically designed and tested for elements chosen by the end-user.

Q; How does the customer receive results?

A: Results are automatically emailed to a list of addresses specified by the customer.

Q: How does REX send data?

A: REX sends data via Ethernet, WiFi, or Satellite uplink (This is an extra charge)

Q: Is REX capable of operating as a process control instrument?

A: Yes. REX comes standard with 7 process control ports set to industry standard 4-20mA output.

Q: Does REX operate in flow conditions or static grab sample only?

A: REX is designed to operate in flow conditions at 40ml/min

Q: Must the water flow be filtered?

A: REX normally does not require filtration but particulate size can not exceed 5 microns. We supply a dual 5-micron filter manifold for those installations where particulates are an issue.

Q: What pressure does REX operate?

A: REX comes with an inlet pressure regulator factory set to 1.5 PSIG at 40ml/minute of flow.

Q: What are the power requirements?

A: REX operates on standard line voltages of 110-220Vdc @ 20A.

Q: Is REX radiation safe?

A: Yes. No radiation source leakage has been found beyond the REX enclosure when operated at full power of 25KV @ 1mA. In addition, all major components are safety interlocked to prevent tampering.

Q: Do I need special certification to operate REX?

A: Check with your local health and safety office. Typically REX must be registered with local authorities the same as a dentist office registers their x-ray systems. This is usually a single page form that states the location of use.

Q: What is the mean time between failure?

A: The MTBF is 14,000 hours.

Q: What is the typical cycle time?

A: Parts per billion measurements require 1 hour and parts per thousand or parts per million require 15 minutes.

Q: What is the spectral resolution of the x-ray detector?

A: Utilizing the state-of-the-art detector resolution is 120eV FWHM for Fe55

Q: What is the length of warranty?

A: AMDS warrants the REX instrument for 1 year against defects in materials and manufacturing. Extended warranties are available from your servicing dealer.

Q: What is the weight of the REX unit?

A: REX weighs 48 pounds in the standard enclosure and 140 pounds in the NEMA G4 enclosure.

Q: What is the operating temperature range?

A: 35 degrees F to 120 degrees F.

Q: Can REX be used in a wet environment?

A: REX, in its standard enclosure, is water-resistant to minor spray and the NEMA G4 enclosure is water-resistant to direct spray.

Q: Can REX be used in high vibration environments?

A: REX is vibration dampened to 100Hz but should not be installed in high vibration environments.

Q: Is REX a laboratory-based instrument

A: No, REX is designed and developed for remote, in-situ emplacement at the site of concern.

Q: How do I change the frequency of analysis?

A: The end-user can change the following via our proprietary simple GUI
– Frequency of analysis
– Delivery of reports to over 10K email addresses
– Process control options to include upper and lower thresholds
– Metals to be analyzed

Q: Is training available?

A: Yes. Contact our sales representative where you purchased your system for more information.

Q: Are there trained service personnel for our application?

A: All products sold by us are serviced by us by our highly trained technicians.

Q: Can REX be moved from site to site?

A: We do not recommend that your instrument be moved from its initial installation site to another site. If you must move your instrument contact our trained personnel for assistance.

Q: If my instrument needs warranty service and must be shut down for an extended period do you offer a hot-swap?

A: Yes. Contact your local sales representative.

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