How does REX operate?

How does REX operate?

Water flows between two plates of our proprietary and patented material where a voltage is placed between both plates. Ions are attracted to and attach themselves to the appropriate plate depending on their charge. At the completion of a proscribed period of time x-rays fluoresce the collected ions where they are counted and analyzed by our state-of-the-art detector. Our proprietary software package then sends the results to the email recipients that you have indicated. All detected elements are reported and metals that are out of specification are printed in red for easy identification. If process controls are to be used appropriate actions at the end of the run will be completed. At the end of the analysis, both plates are taken to the ground state where the collected ions are released back into the flow stream to prepare the REX for the next analysis.

Once your REX arrives call your sales representative for installation. Your REX instrument came from the factory with the settings you stated on your purchase order. These initial settings were fully installed to include metals to be analyzed, frequency of analysis, destination emails loaded, process control parameters loaded. Your representative will unpack the instrument, inspect for damage, transport to the installation site and install. At the completion of the installation, they will perform an initial run to ensure that all features are working properly and to specification.

REX operates under flow conditions at the site of concern with no consumables or user interface required. REX performs wellness checks and self calibrates before each run.

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