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we provide businesses, governments, and municipalities real-time, accurate, automated, monitoring of fluids. Our fully managed solutions ensure that you have live, relevant information and alerts to mitigate costs, reduce risks, and potentially save lives.

Innovative Solutions

Utilizing state-of-the-art technologies, RTP provides fully managed and automated monitoring solutions for any government, municipality, or industry that needs to maintain quality monitoring of their fluid flow. Our real-time detectors are highly sensitive to parts per billion.

Real-Time Monitoring

REX – "Real-time Elemental XRF" is our flagship product. REX detects dissolved metals in liquid flow systems in real-time down to one part per billion. REX is the only product on the market that is fully automated, and easy to use, from municipalities to businesses that need to ensure their liquids are consistent, learn more about what REX can do for you.

Free Consultation

From start to finish, let our team of industry experts work with you to identify your needs, create the right solutions, and provide ongoing management, maintenance, and support to ensure that your liquids maintain the highest level of purity for your needs.

Why RealTimePurity?

Our world is facing unnecessary crises – ones
we can solve now.

Clean water is essential for families around the world. Everyone should be able to drink water free from dissolved lead, arsenic, mercury, or other dangerous heavy metals.

Furthermore, industries around the world consume billions of gallons of water to operate their factories. Every day they struggle to monitor the quantity of toxic metals in process inflow and outflow streams.

That is why

 our team came together, to solve these problems. No one should have to drink contaminated water. And businesses shouldn’t have to lose millions of dollars because their liquids failed to meet their purity needs.

RealTimePurity is the only company that creates solutions that in real-time, accurately, and automatically monitor fluids. Not only do we offer state of the art solutions, that are hands-off, but they are also priced at substantial cost savings to the end-user. We know each customer is unique. This is why we consult and design fully managed solutions to ensure you get the results you need and can focus on what you do best.

The results?

 Live information and alerts that mitigate costs, reduce risks, and potentially save lives.

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